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TeamWise: Radiate

Stress. Thinking about the word itself is overwhelming and chaotic.

“Stress is universal. Students, employees, almost everyone is to some degree or another, stressed,” says Vidya Keertana, founder of Radiate. In today’s can-do, never-say-no workplace culture, employees are spending more time with their colleagues than their families. It is critical for employers to cultivate a healthy work environment–reducing stress can improve productivity and boost happiness among employees.

This is where Vidya comes to the rescue. Radiate is a corporate wellness platform that promotes positive mental well-being among employees so that they can better cope with stress in their lives, work productively and provide more meaningful contributions to their company and community as a whole.

Vidya, a Rice University MBA candidate, worked nearly a decade in corporate environments doing software development and product management. She worked with a number of mentors, and was particularly inspired by those who were high-caliber performers throughout their careers, but also maintained an equally healthy happy lifestyle.

Around that time, Vidya decided to pursue an MBA at Rice University. Feeling drawn to entrepreneurship, she began to explore the entrepreneurial mentors, resources, and programs. Wanting to push herself out of her comfort zone, she was inspired to take the leap: she decided to turn an idea into a business. Through OwlSpark alumni, she learned that OwlSpark is a place to take risks without fear of judgement or failure, and when things did not go perfectly, she would be able to get back up and try again.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably solving a problem that you’re passionate about. When trying to create a successful business though, you also have to make sure you’re actually solving a customer’s needs. While going through OwlSpark I’ve made some adjustments and pivots to my business based on feedback I’ve received from customer interviews. What I’m doing now is both what I’m passionate about, and what the market wants.

Throughout this summer, Vidya has continued to learn more about her customers and their needs. Not surprisingly, she is always thinking about her business.

I’m always thinking about this, but I don’t see it as work though, and it doesn’t stress me out, because I really enjoy it. When I’m at home I find myself spending time doing market research, or working on my Facebook ads. It may not be the most exciting, but it’s what I’ve created, and I love it.