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TeamWise: Gethr

In today’s world, the most important thing to up-and-coming artists is who you know. That is the idea behind team Gethr, a group of artists striving to help other artists go viral through the use of social media influencers. The original idea behind Gethr was to sell royalties and assist new artists in creating a growing fan base, however, it became apparent that finding connections was a larger problem that could be solved. Gethr is comprised of recent graduate Massey Branscomb, MBA candidate Prachi Saluja, and Ph.D. candidate Jack Wang. Each founder brings a different musical style to help them reach across a broad range of potential clients. Massey creates rap and electronic music, Prachi is a trained Indian classical singer, and Jack is a violinist. Their passion for music, as well as their technical backgrounds make them a knowledgeable team for the job.

We are for artists who are struggling to figure out how to show their music to the world. We figure out who their music means the world to.

For many artists, the “old-school” ways of acquiring a record label are long gone. There are no more cassettes being recorded in basements to be handed out on the streets of Hollywood, Nashville and the like. Instead, artists have turned to the internet, and more specifically social media. Almost overnight companies like Apple, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud have forever changed the way consumers purchase music, and how artists release it. In order to achieve the success, artists must acquire the attention of busy socialites, elite producers, and lots of big egos. Gethr plans to be the middleman for the artists, creating a way to reach the top quicker, easier, and with more success. Through the use of influencers, artists can promote their music without the hassle of going to a producer who might manipulate a young artist.

Anyone can create music, but there isn’t one clear way to get to the top. Knowing people is still a huge part of the industry.

For many people, being a small group of students trying to propel artists into the spotlight might seem like a daunting task, but not for Gethr. Their success is currently being measured by their own growth and learning. They have grown in their organizational skills, their ability to establish concrete goals, and the ability to set deadlines. The same challenges that often face artists are facing the group in the same way.  Their new bot system has the ability to send mass emails to potential leads, but meeting with people can be difficult. Despite the difficulty, they have managed to make important connections to help them in their journey.

A year from now, Gethr plans to continue their upward success with the goal of helping multiple artists go viral. They hope that over time, the ability to detect what makes content go viral to help more and more artists in the future. While some people stray from the idea of research, especially those in media and art, Gethr’s technical background does not deter them at all. Their excitement is not lacking, and the idea of moving their company beyond just music looms on the horizon.