OwlSpark | Rice University Startup Accelerator | TeamWise: Dose Capacity
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TeamWise: Dose Capacity

Startups often have a “we’re going to change the world” attitude, but Dose Capacity has a “saving the world” kind of mindset. Dose Capacity is developing a safe and reliable pill bottle that assists people in taking the proper dosage at the right time, encouraging people to take their medicine as prescribed. This is aimed to help reduce drug abuse and addiction, especially with young adults with early exposure. Members Justin Bickham, Chris Barnes, and Matt Morris are all upperclassmen at Rice University with an impressive collection of academic concentrations, including kinesiology, business, mechanical engineering, and sport management. Justin and Chris are also members of the Rice Owls football team. They’re a tight-knit group who balance their easygoing camaraderie with their shared interest in tackling the opioid crisis.

Primary founder Justin Bickham considers entrepreneurship a big part of his life—he is often thinking up ideas for a new venture. Justin came up with the idea behind Dose Capacity when a friend and fellow athlete revealed that he was taking more than the prescribed amount of pills following his surgery. Justin started to think: if one young adult could so easily take too many pills and potentially become addicted or even overdose, then what’s stopping anyone from doing it? When he heard of OwlSpark through Paine Matiscik, a fellow football teammate and founder of Bidly, he knew this was a prime opportunity to work on Dose Capacity.

I think that if we can save one life, we will have made a really significant impact on the world and hopefully we can save more.

For Dose Capacity, the potential to save a life makes all the hard work they have put in this summer worth their time. The pill bottle in development will feature a locked cap that only opens and releases the prescribed amount at the specific times, and also alerts the patient’s doctor when the bottle is opened. Their hope is that this design will curtail the overuse of prescribed medication and helps prevent opioid addiction. The product can even go beyond to help people take vitamins, supplements, and birth control on time and as prescribed.

The founders’ biggest challenge is prototyping, but with so many valuable mentors in the OwlSpark program coming in to advise, Dose Capacity feels confident they will have access to the expertise they need to accomplish this. Founder Chris Barnes considers the journey that the team has undergone to be the most exciting part of the summer and that “seeing that growth from the first day and where we are now is really amazing.” The founders agreed that OwlSpark’s wide variety of resources and tools has given them a lot of opportunities that will propel Dose Capacity forward.

Even with a demanding football schedule approaching, Dose Capacity is looking forward to the rest of OwlSpark and continuing to develop their product towards a reality. Knowing them, they’ll be able to balance startups, football, and life in their trademark easygoing fashion. We are eager to see their product and its effect on the world in the coming months.

It’s really neat to get to work with and listen to and get guidance from all of these people who have been incredibly successful with their lives and done so much with what they’ve been given.